Issue 1 + Issue 2 (100 pages + 140 pages, 20$)

As this is one of my first comics , its kinda of short , about a 100 pages only 😛 , it
starts of as any other comic with supergirl in it , with supergirl rushing off to save a
starlabs employee from a coupla thugs , but supergirl finds out , that the thugs
not only have a hostage , they also have a bunch of star labs radiactive waste , most of which
is kryptonite , needless to say , the thugs have thier way with supergirl , rubbing her body with
the kryptonite , dunking her in barrels of liquid k residue , till towards the end ….
well i dont want to give away the ending 😀
Issue 2
Linda danvers is having a regular day at the university , when she feels overpowering weak , recovering she finds herself at gun point being marched to her apartment, before she can smile and disarm her captor , poison ivy shows up , with a certain green rock , and slowly removing her civilian garments exposing her superheroine costume underneath , needless to say, another bad day for supergirl , wonder how she will escape (140 pages, no dialogue)
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2 Responses to Issue 1 + Issue 2 (100 pages + 140 pages, 20$)

  1. Dennis says:

    Not the best issue but It was ok.

    • orionsforge says:

      thats my starting work 🙂 , hence the heavy discount .
      however , id recommend you try the newer mini issues , lots of SG and peegee action.
      and also thanks for the support

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