karen kara issue #2 part 2 (110 pages , 22$ ) – (15$ with coupon)

Continued from the last issue , supergirl and powergirl find themselves at the clutches of the evil
fanboy who managed to capture two of the most powerful heroines in with world with just a piece of
green kryptonite , in this issue he focuses on supergirl , making her put the kryptonite in her mouth to soften her , making her lie on a collage of her defeats as he rapes her, while using the kryptonite to keep powergirl weak and nauseus. its not over for supergirl even after getting raped , as he pushes powergirl on top her pressing them together like really hot action figures ,their legs intertwined as they moan together and finally giving the heroines an ultimatum , whoever pushes the green kryptonite into their womanhood, will give the other heroine respite from the radiation , powergirl with the last of her strength almost manages it before passing out , he throws the prone weak form of supergirl on top powergirl , playing with her weak form for a few moments before starting to rape her all over again.
is this the end of supergirl and powergirl ?
ps: please use the coupons that i have mailed you to save 7$.
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7 Responses to karen kara issue #2 part 2 (110 pages , 22$ ) – (15$ with coupon)

  1. Dennis says:

    Did I miss the discount??

  2. Drew says:

    WOW looking as great as every my friend. been a while But I guess it takes time to make all those pages.
    I am still eager to get more of your works, but sadly my $$$ situation hasn’t improved, so I can’t do it right now, but I will be keeping you on mt to do list 🙂

  3. Ray says:

    Wow, provocative stuff. I love the Kryptonite angle – you ‘understand’ that very well – not as keen about the naked sex stuff. But the ‘helpless heroine attacked by Kryptonite rays’ thing can’t be beat!

    As always I’m amazed at how you hook in the ‘collage of her defeats’. Ever since you wrote that Powergirl story with the fan in the basement. That brilliantly innovative idea really kicks your work up a notch in making it seem all that more ‘real’. It’s really clever.

    Can you do me a favor and tell me the sources of some of the ‘real’ panels you’ve featured here? The one of PG lying on her back – the panel that’s in the top right corner of the large rectangular poster she’s lying on in page035.jpg, the same panel that’s immediately underneath Supergirl’s right hand in page081.jpg – what comic is that from, please? And the one of PG that has her shackled to a table, it looks like, right underneath and next to that panel?

    And the ones of Supergirl’s face at the lower left corner of the collage that Supergirl is lying on looks interesting too. 😀

    Many thanks!

  4. orionsforge says:

    hey ray ,
    thanks for the kind words , now lets see
    powergirl on back with huntress using green k is JSA 20
    the one shackled to her back is also from JSA 20

    the supergirl one is from supergirl v5 #62

    hope this helps .

    • Ray says:

      Thank you for the references to those comics, but I only found one of the three panels you’ve used in those excellent mood-setting collages of yours. 😦

      I found the one of PG shackled in the JSA issue, but not the panel of her on her back with the ‘camera’/viewpoint/eye in front of her head, looking across and down her torso. It’s the panel that is directly underneath Supergirl’s right hand in your page081.jpg picture.

      Maybe it was front of my eyes in that same JSA #20 issue, but I had a few looks (I hadn’t come across that issue before, so thank you for the referral!) and couldn’t see it.

      Likewise I couldn’t find the panel of Supergirl that is at the very lower left corner of the collage on which she is resting in page081.jpg, the one that *looks* like she’s on her back with a green arm holding her down flat on her back?

      Any further help would be much appreciated!

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