SG Mini Issue #2 (28 pages ,6$)

Supergirl confronts luthor in his lair , only to find out that his nanites can stick to her costume
and convert it into kryptonite .. less on plot and plenty of kryptoniting 😀 .
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more samples and doodles

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SG Mini Issue #1 (22 pages ,6$)

Supergirl attends a high school graduation as a guest of honor , but circe has other plans , when she ambushes her with a big chunk of green kryptonite , weakening the superheroine and then draining her powers
(22 pages )
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Issue 4 part 1 + Issue 4 Part 2 (140 pages + 140 pages 35$))

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Supergirl dreaming about being mugged with kryptonite Meeting wonder woman to plan to get powergirl released (last comic with powergirl) taking out a bunch of intergang installations getting beaten into submission by a brainiac drone clone (no help from red … Continue reading

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PG Issue 1 (130 pages , 15$)

A prequel to Issue #3 , has only powergirl , as she is ambushed in her office by a green kryptonite generator ,
captured and taken to the intergang base , where she is mercilessly “interogated” and exposed to pink kryptonite before being used as a living solar battery and a lure to capture supergirl.

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Issue 3 (140 pages , 15$)

Supergirl is winning the fight against intergang , destroying most of the warehouses and weapon caches ,
till they are left with just one volcanic base , but not one to quickly give up , intergang has a trick up their
sleeve , weaponized kryptonite , they manage to capture her with a green kryptonite impregnated net ,
and after letting the parasite have his way with her , try to sell her off to a “fan” (130 pages)
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Issue 1 + Issue 2 (100 pages + 140 pages, 20$)

As this is one of my first comics , its kinda of short , about a 100 pages only 😛 , it
starts of as any other comic with supergirl in it , with supergirl rushing off to save a
starlabs employee from a coupla thugs , but supergirl finds out , that the thugs
not only have a hostage , they also have a bunch of star labs radiactive waste , most of which
is kryptonite , needless to say , the thugs have thier way with supergirl , rubbing her body with
the kryptonite , dunking her in barrels of liquid k residue , till towards the end ….
well i dont want to give away the ending 😀
Issue 2
Linda danvers is having a regular day at the university , when she feels overpowering weak , recovering she finds herself at gun point being marched to her apartment, before she can smile and disarm her captor , poison ivy shows up , with a certain green rock , and slowly removing her civilian garments exposing her superheroine costume underneath , needless to say, another bad day for supergirl , wonder how she will escape (140 pages, no dialogue)
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