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Hi all ,

if these comics here are not doing it for you , id recommend that you head down to my deviant art page.

and request a commission , some samples of the same given below . it can have as much peril as your little heart desires πŸ˜€ .

at just 10$ for upto 3 characters , its quite a steal πŸ™‚

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karen kara and Diana issue #1 (125 pages , 18$ )

In this new issue , Karen walks into an lab , thinking of easily defeating the miscreant and getting home in time for a hotshower .

only to find that it is the part of an elaborate plot , to lure her in , she is confronted byΒ the kryptonite kid , who captures her by smearing her with concentrated kryptonite goo (lets not say where that came from πŸ˜‰ ), using her distress beacon to lure Diana and kara in , capturing them rather easily. just to be extra cruel , kkid turns powergirls costume into kryptonite.

Now lex ,Kryptonite kid and the fan boy take turns having fun with our interpid heroines . including not limited to repeated raping by kryptonite kid on kara , fanboy on powergirl and lex on diana . will our heroines escape?
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Supergirl #5 70 pages 15$

Kara hates it when lex broadcasts images of powergirl weakened and groped, so she takes it on herself to defeat him once and for all.

inspite of whatever lex dishes out she manages to get to him and is about to take him in , but .. wait a minute , did he just hit her with a dimentional ray gun ? and what is that ? it looks like another supergirl from another dimension dropped out of nowhere and she seems to be brought kryptonite with her..

70 pages of yummy double supergirl in kryptonite peril .
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powergirl in -“The luckiest man in the world” 11$

This gallery contains 4 photos.

poor karen cant catch a break , she is patrolling mind her own business when a freak meteor shower causes her to land in an alley with a large chunk of kryptonite next to her , will the seedy looking … Continue reading

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karen kara issue #2 part 2 (110 pages , 22$ ) – (15$ with coupon)

Continued from the last issue , supergirl and powergirl find themselves at the clutches of the evil
fanboy who managed to capture two of the most powerful heroines in with world with just a piece of
green kryptonite , in this issue he focuses on supergirl , making her put the kryptonite in her mouth to soften her , making her lie on a collage of her defeats as he rapes her, while using the kryptonite to keep powergirl weak and nauseus. its not over for supergirl even after getting raped , as he pushes powergirl on top her pressing them together like really hot action figures ,their legs intertwined as they moan together and finally giving the heroines an ultimatum , whoever pushes the green kryptonite into their womanhood, will give the other heroine respite from the radiation , powergirl with the last of her strength almost manages it before passing out , he throws the prone weak form of supergirl on top powergirl , playing with her weak form for a few moments before starting to rape her all over again.
is this the end of supergirl and powergirl ?
ps: please use the coupons that i have mailed you to save 7$.
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karen kara issue #2 part 1 (100 pages , 22$ )

karen has tracked down a annoying fan boy who threatens to expose her identity to the world , unfortunately he happens to be ready for her ,
including , not limited to , hot and heavy green kryptonite action ,
karen being used as bait to lure kara , using green kryptonite for
purposes other than display ,ends with both karen being raped with a
green k dildo , and kara trapped and awaiting her fate for part 2 .
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Orionsforge Kara Karen special issue #1 (50 pages 11$)

Kara and karen go to investigate a mysterious ruin , only to find themselves being captured by the villian known only as the wizard .

with his magical flying green kryptonite crystal he captures both the heroines .

weakened, powergirl offers her body inreturn for supergirl’s safety . enduring an almost unimaginable torment as he rapes her with a green kryptonite condom

as to the end ….

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SG Mini Issue #2 (28 pages ,6$)

Supergirl confronts luthor in his lair , only to find out that his nanites can stick to her costume
and convert it into kryptonite .. less on plot and plenty of kryptoniting πŸ˜€ .
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SG Mini Issue #1 (22 pages ,6$)

Supergirl attends a high school graduation as a guest of honor , but circe has other plans , when she ambushes her with a big chunk of green kryptonite , weakening the superheroine and then draining her powers
(22 pages )
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Issue 4 part 1 + Issue 4 Part 2 (140 pages + 140 pages 35$))

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Supergirl dreaming about being mugged with kryptonite Meeting wonder woman to plan to get powergirl released (last comic with powergirl) taking out a bunch of intergang installations getting beaten into submission by a brainiac drone clone (no help from red … Continue reading

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PG Issue 1 (130 pages , 15$)

A prequel to Issue #3 , has only powergirl , as she is ambushed in her office by a green kryptonite generator ,
captured and taken to the intergang base , where she is mercilessly “interogated” and exposed to pink kryptonite before being used as a living solar battery and a lure to capture supergirl.

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Issue 3 (140 pages , 15$)

Supergirl is winning the fight against intergang , destroying most of the warehouses and weapon caches ,
till they are left with just one volcanic base , but not one to quickly give up , intergang has a trick up their
sleeve , weaponized kryptonite , they manage to capture her with a green kryptonite impregnated net ,
and after letting the parasite have his way with her , try to sell her off to a “fan” (130 pages)
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Issue 1 + Issue 2 (100 pages + 140 pages, 20$)

As this is one of my first comics , its kinda of short , about a 100 pages only πŸ˜› , it
starts of as any other comic with supergirl in it , with supergirl rushing off to save a
starlabs employee from a coupla thugs , but supergirl finds out , that the thugs
not only have a hostage , they also have a bunch of star labs radiactive waste , most of which
is kryptonite , needless to say , the thugs have thier way with supergirl , rubbing her body with
the kryptonite , dunking her in barrels of liquid k residue , till towards the end ….
well i dont want to give away the ending πŸ˜€
Issue 2
Linda danvers is having a regular day at the university , when she feels overpowering weak , recovering she finds herself at gun point being marched to her apartment, before she can smile and disarm her captor , poison ivy shows up , with a certain green rock , and slowly removing her civilian garments exposing her superheroine costume underneath , needless to say, another bad day for supergirl , wonder how she will escape (140 pages, no dialogue)
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more samples and doodles

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